Things to consider when buying a hob

Hobs function quite similar to conventional cooktops except that they are built-in and fetch more points in looks, safety and hygiene factors.

Hobs are always built-in into the kitchen slab. The hob fits into the aperture overlapping it and stands out. Since it is fixed, the cooking space is firm and sturdy unlike a cooktop. The surface/body design makes cleaning easy and simple. The risk of food particles getting collected is ruled out. The burners are of different types with support grills which allow you to place your heavy Roti/Dosa tawas, Big kadhai or Pressure cooker. Indian cooking requires the right temperature and right flame be it phulkas /parathas or dosas. You can place your pan and vessels on the right burner according to the power desired. In India Gas built-in Hobs are more prevalent because of energy saving vis a vis an electric one.
Gas stove or Hob
There are many brands and type of hobs available in the Indian market but one has to check whether they support our Indian style of cooking with assorted shaped vessels. Hobs come in a range of size and number of burners.

Factors for consideration

Size: It is the most important parameter as the hob is built-in into the counter. The slab has to be cut as per the cutting dimensions of the Hob. The cutting dimension is lesser than the surface dimension of the hob. One has to assess the workspace on the counter before deciding onto the size. Hobs are available in a range of sizes. The standard size is 60cm wide.

Hob Surface: The surface of the hob comes in Tempered Glass and Stainless steel with different types of finish. Some have features like scratch resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.

Burners: One can choose from 2/3/4/5 burner range. In a hob each burner is specifically designed to suit different type of cooking temperatures and pot/pan. The burners come in various types to support different size and shape of cooking vessel. When choosing a European design check if the burners suits Indian cooking style.

Triple Flame/Ring Burners: It has 3 vertical rings of flame that spread evenly from center to the sides to give the right heat for your Kadhai delicacies.


Burner power:
Wok burners/Heavy efficiency output (HEO) 3.5-4.5 (KW)
Semi Rapid/Standard burners 1.65-1.75KW
Auxillary /Economy burner-1KW

Multi Flame Control burners(MFC): They are brass burners which are highly energy efficient and boost speedy cooking. They are designed to suit Indian cooking style.

Ignition: Most hobs have electric auto ignition function wherein the knob needs to pressed to ignite and rotate for the desired flame. It has a chord which is connected main electricity for auto ignition. Some hobs have battery for auto ignition.

Pan Supports: They are grills that support the pan so that it does not wobble.They are made of cast iron with enameled finish and each model has a different design like cut grids or crowns. They should be easy to remove so that it can be cleaned without hassles.


Knobs/Controls: The knobs come in various shapes and finish. Hobs generally have the controls located in front but some Hobs have hobs located onto the right side which is an additional safety feature. Some hobs have rubber gaskets fitted around the knobs which makes cleaning easier and ensures no seepage of water occurs during cleaning.

Safety: Almost all hobs have a Flame Failure Device (FFD) which cuts off the gas supply if the flame extinguishes due to some reason. This prevents leakage of gas due to spillage or otherwise. Never compromise on safety of Gas Hobs. Ensure that your Hob is equipped with the latest safety devices.

Drip Trays: This is available in certain models which ensures additional hygiene.

Aesthetics: Hobs are available in various finish and designs. You may choose a hob to match your existing kitchen decor for an elegant and seamless look.

Budget: You may choose a hob matching your lifestyle and kitchen decor. They come in the range of Rs 9000 to Rs 45000.

A Built-In Hob stands proud on your counter adding style and glamour to your kitchen. It is high in energy efficiency. Your cooking space looks elegant and alluring always. The safety, ease of use and hygiene makes it a sought after appliance in modern Indian kitchen.

You can continue your Hob reasearch at where we have a wide range of hobs

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  • this is a pretty nice blog 😀
    thank you so much for sharing this… helped me know a lot of things before buying one for my home 😀

    • Hi Arun,
      We are really glad that our blog was able to help you while shopping stuff for your home. We at, aim to help you in your purchase decisions by guiding you to buy product which best suit your requirements rather than just relying on price.
      Thanks again for this wonderful feedback as feedbacks like this help us validate what we are striving to achieve.

  • shivangi rai

    Very informative blog before buying a kitchen hob for my home.
    Got to know safety tips and control about the kitchen hobs.

    • Hi Shivangi,

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback. We are very glad that you found our article useful. We hope that you keep using our site and help us improve.


  • Esther

    Hi i was very much interest to buy Prestige hobtop from amazon, i was shocked to read the review of the customers whose who recently bought. they suggested not to buy prestige hobtop at all, their service is very poor and it consumes lots of gas, cleanliness and maintenance is a major task, auto ignition is not good, spending huge amount is not worth it, as they lost the money. i need your sincere advice. specially buying it online is all the more difficult as sometimes the picture and the product shown is differenct from what we we receive in reality. the packing is not good etc etc

    • Hi,

      Thanks for contacting us.
      The reviews of prestige hobs are mixed where some are really happy with the product and while some are not.
      Not sure about service but we haven’t anything much negative about it.

      Regarding other issue like:
      Consumes lots of gas – A hob or cooktop consumes same amount of gas no matter what. If the size of burners is much bigger than conventional cooktops then it might. So please check the burner sizes. Like say if you are planning to buy 3 burner hob, then maybe go for 1/2 big burners depending on your cooking needs.

      Cleanliness and maintenance – As most hobs have glass surface which is toughened, it does need to be cleaned but it is no different that the stainless steel ones which had to be cleaned as well. The glass if wiped properly shines.

      Auto ignition – Again this can be a one-off case but auto-ignition works fine most of the time. If for some reason it isn’t working you always have the option of using matchbox/lighter like you do in conventional cooktops till the time it isn’t repaired.

      The hob does increase the aesthetics of your kitchen while providing additional safety features like Flame Failure Device (FFD) which cuts off the gas supply if the flame extinguishes due to some reason. Please check to see if your hob has it.

      Do read the guide above and check for features you need.
      You can filter your requirement from here:|DESC&prefix=Hob%20(Built-in)

      Happy searching!

      Regards, conzumr

      • Esther

        Thanks so much for your kind reply. i have a plan to buy. as you said to check my hob if i have FFD. i plan to buy online as we do not have the showroom here in a small town, it has be ordered and will be very expensive compared to buy online through amazon as it has provision of good offers. I am very encouraged to get a feedback from you and helping me to know the difference.

      • Esther

        please let me know what SABAF italian style, and it does not mention of FFD in the feature how do i find out if i am buying online thank 🙂

        • In case you are planning to buy online say from example from amazon then you can post a question to the seller asking if this hob contains a FFD? That way you will be certain of it. Also please check the return policies properly. Please check below link to know about SABAF burners

  • Poonam Mehetrey

    I would like to know about Prestige “Schott- Hob-Top Four Burner ” and prestige chimney ? Thanks in advance

  • Shuan Paul

    You have shared a good post. I’ll definitely keep these points in my mind before buying a hobs.

    • Hi Shaun,
      Glad that you liked and found our article helpful.

  • Mohd. Azeemuddin

    please answer me a question !!
    prestige company says that ‘prestige hobtop’ with SABAF burner is designed to match indian cooking needs and styles, and with SABAF burners it consumes less GAS !!!!
    so is it true ????
    waiting for ur kind reply !!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for writing to us. The manufacturers Sabaf has created a burner which guarantees high level performances with an excellent flame distribution. This uniform flame distribution might consume less gas than other burners comparatively. Hope this helps.

  • Geetanjali Shetty

    Hi as I can see most of the queries are around Prestige hob… I am planning to buy a hob and a chimney can someone please advice about the best choice around

  • Geetanjali Shetty

    With respect to Indian cooking, durability, Customer service etc

    • Hi Geetanjali,
      Hope below clarifies your query. Please let us know if you need any further help.

  • Aby Mathews

    Can you name some good model 60 cm (Faber/Hindware) which has oil collecting capacity and low noise with capicity around 1000m3/hr.

  • Nishat Asif

    Hi, I’m planning to buy a hob for my kitchen and I’ve shortlisted Glen 3 burner glass hob 60cm model number GL 1063 SQ DB( Actually I’ve paid advance for it also).. My question is: 1) Is the forged double brass burner which this model has, better or the sabaf burner better? I believe that the sabaf burner is made of iron and will rust quickly..
    2) I am renovating my old kitchen into modular so there are some things which I’m keeping as is condition. So basically I cannot place my hob under the cabinet because the laminate will become oily and greasy ( I don’t have place for chimney). So I’m installing it near the 18 inches from the sink ( I’ve a L shaped kitchen). Is this alright? Or should I place it under my cabinet only? I’m in 2 minds..And about the burners , which one is a good option? Sabaf burner or the forged double brass ( the customer executive told me that forged double brass burner is not fully brass. Can you pls explain) Pls advise me soon as my shipment will be home by evening. So I need to change my order now if you advise. Thanks

    • Hi Nishant,

      Thanks for taking time to write to us Here are answers to your queries.

      1. SABAF burners are made of Iron or Steel. Brass burners are made of alloy of copper and zinc(brass) which is corrosion resistant. So thought there is no data to prove SABAF rusts quickly as it is very new in market, there is this possibility tht it might rust with time. As per manufacturer, SABAF helps in uniform flame distribution. Brass helps uniform heat retention and distribution.
      2. In case you are not installing chimney, we would suggest you place it in the location near the sink. With time, the laminate of the cabinet will turn very greasy and even with regular cleaning it will look messy and pale.
      Hope this helps you in making your choice.


  • Nishat Asif

    Thanks a lot😊 really helped me..

  • Sincere Ngui

    Hi, can the combination gas burner and INDUCTION hobs use in Singapore with gas supply from government gas pipe ( Citygas)?

    Where is country origin of the product?

  • Singh Kumar


    First of all thank you for this platform which provides us an opportunity to gain knowledge so that we may make the right decision. I have a couple of questions,

    1) First of all, Please can you tell me whether battery operated hob is better than electricity operated hob or vice versa,and why is it so?

    2) Are SABAF burners( mostly incorporated by Glen and Prestige )better than Brass burners? What material are SABAF burners made off, why has Sabaf not specified the same?

    3) Bakelite is a material used to make the knobs of some hobs , but on googling Bakelite one reads its association with cancer, so why are some companies , such as Glen , openly flaunting their Bakelite knobs? Are the companies unaware of this or am I misinformed?

    4)Some of the companies offering Hobs will metal knobs are Hindware, Kaff, Kutchina , and Hafele, can you recommend any among these?

    Thanking you,