Tips for choosing a microwave that fits your needs

Counter Top microwave

Microwave ovens are becoming an indispensable appliance in the modern Indian kitchen due to their ability to cook or heat food quickly and efficiently while requiring minimal oil or ghee. If you are in the market for a new microwave, here are some pointers that could help you make your choice.

Over the range microwave

Over the range microwave

Budget: Always have a budget in mind while you shop for an appliance. The type, use, capacity, wattage and features of a microwave will affect its cost.
Types of Microwaves:

  • Countertop: The countertop microwaves are generally the cheapest but will occupy counter space.
  • An over the range microwave: saves space but requires extra work to install it correctly. Ensure that the air vent works well and removed fumes and odors when buying an over the range microwave.
  • Built in microwave: Saves space but is generally the most expensive.

Microwave models and Usage: A basic microwave model is sufficient for simple cooking, heating and defrosting. A microwave and grill allows baking too. A microwave, grill and convection includes crisping too.

Size of the family: The size of your family and usage also determines the capacity of microwave you will need. If you will cook sabzis, khichris, noodles or pastas for the family using a microwave, you will likely need an oven with higher wattage that can handle large dishes.

Wattage: Microwaves with higher wattage cook food faster. Most microwaves use between 600 to 1200 watts of power. Please bear in mind that higher wattage appliances also require a little more power and electricity.

Microwave maintenance

Microwave maintenance

Ease of Use: The control panels on the microwave vary from easy to most sophisticated enabling you to control the various functions on the appliance. You will have a variety of controls like mechanical, feather touch, single touch and tactile to choose from. Choose a control and display that feels right for your needs by trying them out at a showroom. Pay special attention to nifty features like pre-programmed settings for popcorns, cooking potatoes and soups.

Maintenance:The inner ceiling of the microwave often gets splattered by food and liquid. The appliance you buy should be easy to clean and maintain. Ensure that you are able to clean the ceiling with an all purpose spray and cloth. It is also recommended that the turntable be detachable to help make it easy to clean.

While microwaves are handy appliances that help us save time in the kitchen, it is important to spend some time researching the appropriate microwaves that will fit seamlessly in your fast paced lives. To take a look at the best microwaves available in the Indian marketplace today and compare their features, please click at the following URL

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