How to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner

To get the best vacuum cleaner what you need to keep in mind is to invest in an appliance which is within your budget, durable, easy to use and cleans your house or office well. One can justifiably feel overwhelmed and confused by advertisements and innumerable options available in today’s market place. Our buying guide can help you determine the vacuum cleaner that is just right for you. Here are some points to ponder while choosing a vacuum cleaner.

How often do you Vacuum?
Consider the frequency when choosing a unit. If you vacuum daily, a light weight stick model may be both convenient and adequate for maintaining your home. For weekly cleaning, a larger upright model or a canister model with a powerful motor will help you get the job done.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Floor Type: It is important to consider the floor types that you will be vacuuming on. For hard floors like tiles or wooden flooring, canister vacuum cleaners are best. Canister vacuum cleaners with their various accessories offer more versatility and flexibility in cleaning but are a little difficult to tow / move around. In case you have a large number of rooms with wall to wall carpeting upright vacuum cleaners are quite convenient. If you would like the ability to clean spilt liquid on the floor, a wet/dry or shop-vac vacuum cleaner would serve your purpose.

Height and Weight: Very heavy cleaners would be difficult to use on daily basis. Similarly if the height of the vacuum cleaner is too low, you may have to bend to use it which could make cleaning cumbersome.
Vacuum Filters: Often times the cost a vacuum cleaner depends on the effectiveness of its filter. The most common filters available are standard, HEPA or S-Class. HEPA or S-class filters are ultra fine filters that trap up to 100% allergens. We would recommend a vacuum cleaner with HEPA or S-class filter for users suffering from Asthma or allergies.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Bag Vs Bag-less Models: The advantage of vacuum cleaners with bags are that all the dirt sucked in by the vacuum cleaner is confined to a bag that you can just throw away once the bag is full. Hence dust or dirt particles are not released in the air when disposing the bag and your exposure to allergy causing particles is limited. However vacuums with bags tend to lose suction power and air flow as the bag gets full. Another perk with the bag-less models is that you don’t need to stock up on the bags!

Vacuum Cleaner Performance and Electricity consumption: The performance of a vacuum cleaner can be measured in air flow or suction. Naturally the more the suction power or air flow the better cleaning a vacuum cleaner offers. Air flow is measures in air watts (not to be confused with wattage of the vacuum cleaner). The wattage of the vacuum cleaner has a direct correlation to its electricity consumption and the power required by the motor. It is not necessary that a vacuum cleaner with a higher wattage is a better cleaner, so don’t rush to buy the highest wattage appliance. The metric you should look for is air watts or suction.

Usability: Some additional tips to keep in mind for day to day use –
a. Check wheels of vacuum cleaner – you should be able to move it on any surface without difficulty.
b. Cord length – A large cord length would help reach even difficult places with ease without you having to change the socket every time. Cord-less models are beneficial for cleaning large spaces as long as they have a long enough run time.
c. Attachments and accessories should be sufficient for all your cleaning needs.
d. Switch system and controls should be easy to use, access & handle.

A final piece of advice. Budget, choose sensibly keeping an estimate in mind. Check the guarantee or warranty the company offers. Read the terms and conditions, take practical advice from friends and explore your vacuum cleaner options thoroughly at . Remember, that does not sell products, just aims to simplify your shopping decisions. Happy shopping!

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