Everything you need to know before buying a hair straightener


Straight, glossy, non-frizzy hair is the dream of many girls. Not everyone is blessed with beautiful, long, straight tresses like Rapunzel from the fairy tale stories. A hair straightener helps to straighten and smooth wavy and frizzy hair with tight curls.

Type of Hair

Hair can be curly, straight, thin, thick, smooth, rough, shiny or dull. Every type of hair will require a different kind of hair straightener to get that sleek and polished look. Different hair textures require different treatment to straighten them.

  • Thick, curly and rough hair- requires higher temperatures to be straightened. The temperature of the hair straightener can be adjusted up to 400 deg F. The advantage of coarse hair is that they do not get damaged with this heat level
  • Thin, damaged hair- it is very easy to straighten this type of hair as lower temperatures work effectively
  • Medium hair- this texture of hair is neither coarse nor thin. It can be easily tamed with medium temperature heat

About Hair straighteners or irons

Hair straighteners are made of different materials. The material used in the plates should be a good conductor of heat for the efficiency of the product. Another point to be kept in mind is that there should be low friction between the plates which decreases hair breakage.

The width of the plates determines the suitability of the straighteners for different hair types. A quick guide here to determine the width type to choose:

  1. Slim Plate – suitable for short hair as they are about 2.5 cm to 3 cm in width
  2. Medium Plate- for short or medium styles as the plate is about 3 cm-4 cm
  3. Wide Plate- suitable for thick, long hair as the width is around 6 cm

Depending on the material used, the hair irons are of different types.


Straightener Plate Material


Tourmaline and ceramic

A gemstone with ceramic generates negative ions which lock in moisture and give a shiny finish


Strong and lightweight with quick and even heating

Ceramic and Teflon coated

Teflon is easy to clean so no build up of styling products. Low friction between hair and plate is ensured

Solid Ceramic

Evenly heats the plate which maintains a constant temperature


Heats up quickly, but does not maintain temperature

Ceramic, diamond with Teflon

Even high heat with smoother glide

Diamond with ceramic

Better heat transfer material with a smooth surface

Features To Look For In a Hair Straightener

  • Heating Time- a good straightener will heat up faster. Look for time take taken to heat the plates initially and heat up time while in use
  • Temperature- depending on your hair type, choose a hair straightener with the highest temperature setting. High temperatures yield best results for thick, curly hair, which may not be suitable for other types of hair
  • Wet to straight or Steam- hair irons can be used on towel dried hair unless you do not like the steam escaping from your hair
  • Auto Shut- switches off after a set time, so you need not stress if you have accidently left it switched on
  • Voltage- if you travel a lot across the globe, look for a hair straightener that works over a wide range of voltages
  • Travel Straightener- works on cells, is cordless but bear in mind that most not heat up evenly
  • Ion straighteners- negative ions are generated by the plates that lock in moisture and remove the frizz from the hair
  • Infrared Heating- damages hair lesser as heats the hair from the inside
  • Quick/flash heating mode- boosts heating
  • Swivel Cord- prevents the cord from getting tangled when in use
  • Plate width- length and type of the hair determines the plate width you should go in for
  • Price- your budget plays a major role in deciding which hair straightener to purchase. Keep in mind the frequency of use and utility to decide which straightening iron to purchase
  • Energy efficiency- check the power consumption as heating equipment consumes much higher electricity
  • Cleaning- the plates should be easily cleanable without getting damaged. The residue of hair care products should not damage the plates nor affect the heating


For a shiny, silky feel and hair to look lustrous and healthy, a good quality hair straightener should be used. Heat treatment to the hair damages the hair, but using the right straightener can reduce the hair damage to a very great extent. Select the right plate that is compatible with your hair type and remember to use the additional hair care products to add extra shine to your hair. Use special shampoos and conditioners to moisturize your hair, which will protect your straightened hair and keep them healthy.

The best hair straightener for you is the one that fits in your budget, damages your hair the least, is easy to use, does not heat up too much or unevenly, styles your hair the way you want it without making it frizzy. With a wide variety of hair straighteners and straightening irons available, choose the one that will transform your hair into your crowning glory!


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