Cleaning your front load washing machine

Preventing Smelly Laundry

In spite of being new on the home appliance market the front load washing machine is generally preferred for its competent cleaning of clothes, energy and water usage efficiency. As the washers make use of less water and energy they has a greater chance of accumulating mildew, mold and detergent residue in their nooks and crannies especially in the rubber seal on the inside of the door and the drum. A front loader that is not regularly cleaned can cause freshly washed laundry to smell of mold. This disadvantage can be easily overcome simply by keeping the washer clean. Merely wiping the interiors of the washer or by using extra detergent and running the machine to its maximum on the hottest cycle does not seem to solve the problem. Follow these steps to effectively clean your front loader –

Front Load washing machine

Front Load washing machine

1) Choose hot water setting if available, otherwise select ‘white’ or a ‘stain’ cycle setting.
2) If available choose extra rinse setting.
3) Fill the bleach dispenser to its maximum capacity. Bleach helps you remove stains from the inside of your washer. If you prefer not to use bleach, white vinegar or a washer cleaner is just as effective in removing soap scum or any other residue. Add 3/4 cup of vinegar or washer cleaner to the bleach dispenser.
4) Let the cycle run to its end.
5) In case your washer does not have a 2nd rinse cycle choice, select an extra rinse cycle manually so that you are certain that your is completely free of vinegar.
6) To clean and remove any residue from the fabric softener dispensers just wash them in warm, soapy water. Make sure to dry them thoroughly before reinserting.
7) Another perfect hiding place for the mold and mildew is the rubber seal on the door. Check for mold, mildew or even socks by carefully pulling back the gasket. Using a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar wipe the area thoroughly . Make sure it is completely dry by wiping with a dry cloth.
8) Any dust or dirt collected on the exterior and control panel can be easily whipped off using any mild all purpose cleaning spray.
9) To prevent moister built up in between loads leave the door open.

A clean washer will now certainly give you fresh smelling laundry! One bonus tip before we sign off – Leaving the washing machine door and dispensers open for a couple of hours after a wash is a practical way of reducing odors and drying up residue. This however does not eliminate the need for cleaning of your washer from time to time but will reduce the frequency of cleaning required.

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